Cleanse & Rejuvenate for Happiness & Success

October 14, 2015

My Cleanse Experience

Being a Holistic Practitioner cutting a whole food group out of my diet did not seem a viable option. I believe life is all about being balanced in every way every day. Food & daily diet has a huge impact on how you feel mentally, physically & emotionally – I categorically believe ‘you are what you eat’ – eat well – feel well it’s that simple!

A client (now friend) introduced me to a cleanse programme in May I was getting married in July & obviously wanted to look my best. I (somewhat reluctantly) decided take the plunge & give a whirl in June & WOW am I so glad I did!

The first 2 days of the cleanse involves no food so not eating for 2 whole days seemed quite uncomfortable to me then I re-called that fasting is said to instigate cell regeneration & I also thought it would be a good test of will so I thought why not?!

Ever since doing it (even now – 4 Months later) friends & family keep telling me I am ‘glowing’ when I look I the mirror I look svelte & leaner. My skin, hair & nail condition is the best it’s ever been! I have more mental clarity & I feel more focused with an even more positive outlook than ever!

I believe to be truly happy & successful in life you should be authentic – I would not be putting this ‘out there’ if I did not truly believe it could help so many people with their health, well-being & even weight management.

If you feel good on the inside you will be a happy & successful on the outside, both personally & professionally. Also setting a positive precedent for people around you, most importantly the people you care about.

For further information on this AMAZING cleanse programme please do not hesitate to contact me :)


Become a Butterfly!

June 26, 2014

Sorry I haven't posted these last 6 months been blissfully busy being a Mum to my beautiful 3 & 1/2 year old & my gorgeous 3 & 1/2 month old - life is good, great - awesome!

My latest post transpired from reading the bedtime story 'The very hungry Caterpillar' I hope you enjoy.

Becoming the Butterfly

In life when we make a firm decision to develop personally & professionally it is a very positive decision – we improve our present poise as well as creating whole new one – it is multi-benefici...

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✯ Goal Setting ~ A very powerful tool ✯

January 23, 2014

Just over 3 weeks into 2014 how are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Sometimes in life we may feel we are drifting along aimlessly wondering ‘what’s it all about?’ a key reason for this is that you may not have fully focused or realised what it is you want from life. When you set out on a long journey you know your destination & plan your route – right? So why not apply this in your everyday personal & professional life? 

A good starting point is to think about your ideal fu...

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❄ Mid-Winters Day: Time to Concoct

December 21, 2013
❄ Today: 21st December is officially mid-winters day - the Winter Solstice. Over the next 24 hours we will see the shortest day & longest night of the year. The best thing is that from today the days get longer & brighter!

❄ This day has significant meaning around the world & throughout history. The cultural meaning varies; in the main it is seen as a time of rebirth & renewal & is celebrated with festivals globally.

At Inspiration to Action we see it as the perfect opportunity to start...
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The essence of Work/Life Balance

September 16, 2013

Work/Life Balance is incredibly important & should a fundamental factor that everyone should have an awareness & appreciation of. Essentially it is a concept all about the balance between work & lifestyle…

Work, in this context, can be defined as your vocation, career, business, ambition, professional development. At Inspiration to Action we believe that your work should ultimately be finding something you really enjoy & make a comfortable living from it.

Life, in this context, can be defined...

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Positive Mind~Body Connection

August 20, 2013

Now that we are nearing the latter part of 2013 it is a fantastic time to reflect & take a brief personal inventory to ensure you are on the right path... 

  • How did you want to grow & develop this year?
  • What was your vision for you & the people around you?
  • What were your plans to become happier & healthier?

At Inspiration to Action we believe that a balanced, positive mind–body connection is necessary to be truly happy & successful to lead a fulfilled life.

Positive Mind~Body Connection

If you h...

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Action: The key to Success

June 11, 2013

“Action is the foundational key to all success” ~ Pablo Picasso

The message of this quote is simple yet powerful, we understand the message but so often forget to take the advice.

Throughout life we have limitless ideas, moments of inspiration and goals but can get frustrated by the feeling we may never achieve them. 


A sudden feeling of motivation to do or create something that really matters and drives you individually is pure inspiration. What a shame to let these momen...

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Our Coaching Success Strategy

May 8, 2013

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Inspiration to Action

August 26, 2012

Always be conscious of the massive difference between Inspired Action and Activity...

Activity comes from humdrum routine; shrouded in negative life conditioning and rooted in dissolution. Just actions to seemingly make your desire happen.

Inspired Action is utilising the Law of Attraction in all that you do. Allowing it to move, motivate and focus you. Always looking forward, never back, only ever positive progression to achieve your life goals and dreams.

Activity feels like an effort ~ In...

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Effective Communication - The basis of quality lifelong Relationships

April 27, 2012

Without communication where would we be? It is the most basic yet most important form of relationship building and maintaining. Effective communication is the key factor in the success of any relationship. Whether it be at home or in the workplace how we convey ourselves is vitally important.

Communication comes in various forms including: Verbal – Written – Body Language. In the words of the amazing 
Lord Sugar you demenour can be your demise’

In our latest post we focus on Neuro-lingu...

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Inspiration to Action ~ Getting to the Heart of Success

Introduction to Our Blog: The small decisions we make every day really do determine our overall health, well-being and success. It is about the choices we make when we go about our daily routine; our attitude, our habits, quality time with family and friends, work/life balance, the food and drink we consume, pro-activity, 'me time' and so on. Join us as we provide practical advice including relevant research we discover to assist you take control of your health and wellness and to succeed and be your best - every day!