“Action is the foundational key to all success” ~ Pablo Picasso

The message of this quote is simple yet powerful, we understand the message but so often forget to take the advice.

Throughout life we have limitless ideas, moments of inspiration and goals but can get frustrated by the feeling we may never achieve them. 


A sudden feeling of motivation to do or create something that really matters and drives you individually is pure inspiration. What a shame to let these moments of inspiration dissipate simply by not having faith in the process and by not putting your Inspiration to Action…


Take action and understand that the first step is the most important.

Newton’s Law of Motion states: “A body in motion remains in motion. A body at rest remains at rest”

Once you get started it is much easier to stay in motion, the most difficult part is the first move - the first action. Gradually your actions will steadily gather momentum; before you know it you will have achieved your goals!

It’s only by starting to take steps along the path that you will know if it’s right path. If you find it’s not the path for you at least you have made start and gained confidence and experience. The only way is onwards and upwards on the true Path to Abundance!

As Picasso states we cannot accomplish success without action; there needs to be positive progression towards your goals for results to transpire.

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