Sorry I haven't posted these last 6 months been blissfully busy being a Mum to my beautiful 3 & 1/2 year old & my gorgeous 3 & 1/2 month old - life is good, great - awesome!

My latest post transpired from reading the bedtime story 'The very hungry Caterpillar' I hope you enjoy.

Becoming the Butterfly

In life when we make a firm decision to develop personally & professionally it is a very positive decision – we improve our present poise as well as creating whole new one – it is multi-beneficial & so exciting!  

The Harvard Business Review compares it to the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly: 'A butterfly is not more caterpillar or a better or improved caterpillar; a butterfly is a different creature'  

The pictures above from the classic tale ‘The very hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle are being used as a relative analogy…

  •     WE are all born; each & every one of us are born into this world
  •     Initially we are innocent & in the main nurtured with ‘fruits’ of love & care
  •     Then in life we can encounter some ‘unhealthy foods’ the not so nurturing, loving, caring choices/experiences/people
  •     At this point we need to go back to basics, nourish & replenish our mind, body, spirit & emotions with a healthy diet & lots of water
  •     Then have some rest & relaxation ‘cocoon’ taking time to reflect, envisioning our perfect life, setting some clear cut goals & continually build our self belief
  •     Finally we are rejuvenated & can flourish to become a very beautiful, individual & unique butterfly!!
In becoming the butterfly you will be happy & successful. Living & enjoying the present forgetting the past, life in caterpillar mode, now floating abundantly & setting exciting plans for continual growth & development. It's natural to feel fearful at times like you just want to revert back especially if the new ways don't work out at first. It takes commitment, consistency & persistency. You must completely close the pathway back to the past in order to stay totally transformed into something you never were before & to successfully maintain butterfly status!

It is said that
 when a mind opens to embrace a new concept it will never shrink back to its original dimension. Open your mind to self improvement - today!
  •     Do you want to be a happy & successful now & always?
  •     Do you want to establish & achieve your goals? 
  •     Do you want to become the butterfly?!
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