My Cleanse Experience

Being a Holistic Practitioner cutting a whole food group out of my diet did not seem a viable option. I believe life is all about being balanced in every way every day. Food & daily diet has a huge impact on how you feel mentally, physically & emotionally – I categorically believe ‘you are what you eat’ – eat well – feel well it’s that simple!

A client (now friend) introduced me to a cleanse programme in May I was getting married in July & obviously wanted to look my best. I (somewhat reluctantly) decided take the plunge & give a whirl in June & WOW am I so glad I did!

The first 2 days of the cleanse involves no food so not eating for 2 whole days seemed quite uncomfortable to me then I re-called that fasting is said to instigate cell regeneration & I also thought it would be a good test of will so I thought why not?!

Ever since doing it (even now – 4 Months later) friends & family keep telling me I am ‘glowing’ when I look I the mirror I look svelte & leaner. My skin, hair & nail condition is the best it’s ever been! I have more mental clarity & I feel more focused with an even more positive outlook than ever!

I believe to be truly happy & successful in life you should be authentic – I would not be putting this ‘out there’ if I did not truly believe it could help so many people with their health, well-being & even weight management.

If you feel good on the inside you will be a happy & successful on the outside, both personally & professionally. Also setting a positive precedent for people around you, most importantly the people you care about.

For further information on this AMAZING cleanse programme please do not hesitate to contact me :)