Without communication where would we be? It is the most basic yet most important form of relationship building and maintaining. Effective communication is the key factor in the success of any relationship. Whether it be at home or in the workplace how we convey ourselves is vitally important.

Communication comes in various forms including: Verbal – Written – Body Language. In the words of the amazing 
Lord Sugar you demenour can be your demise’

In our latest post we focus on Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) & the valuable role it can play in communication:

NLP is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy created in the 1970s. It is a practical self-help method that focuses on helping you become a better person, increase your influence and achieve your goals in life.

NLP refers to the connection between
 Brain – Communication – Action

  • Neuro: Neurological processes in the Brain

  • Linguistic: Language – Communication

  • Programming: Utilising information to achieve goals – Action

The founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, state NLP is: “finding ways to help people have better, fuller and richer lives”

Hence why it is so aligned with the Inspiration to Action ethos.

NLP in a Nutshell

NLP utilises useful exercises and philosophies that help you read people and situations and literally
everybody can benefit! 

It can help you:

• Be more Influential
• Build better relationships both Personally and Professionally
• Improve presentations at work or how you come across in general
• Achieve your Aims – Targets – Goals – Dreams
• Centre yourself and establish what’s really important to you
• Remove emotional blocks/internal obstacles/limiting beliefs
• Effectively increase positivity in your everyday life

Want to become the person you have always wanted to be but just are not sure how? 

Want to align or even re-define your whole being so you are a walking talking force to be reckoned with?

At Inspiration to Action we are fully qualified NLP and Law of Attraction practitioners and welcome all enquires.