Just over 3 weeks into 2014 how are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Sometimes in life we may feel we are drifting along aimlessly wondering ‘what’s it all about?’ a key reason for this is that you may not have fully focused or realised what it is you want from life. When you set out on a long journey you know your destination & plan your route – right? So why not apply this in your everyday personal & professional life? 

A good starting point is to think about your ideal future to motivate yourself. Mind map brainstorming is a great method too, grab a piece of plain paper & let you creativity flow! Utilising the
‘Wheel of Life’ can really help you establish where you want to go & what you’d like to achieve. 

Baby Steps
 – ‘The journey of 1000 miles begins with single step’ – write your dreams & goals down. If they are immense, simply break them down into manageable chunks, always be flexible & do not get disheartened. DO NOT OVER THINK your goals, keep the process simple & most of all fun, it’s an exciting, positive process. Learn from any failures & see any challenges or obstacles that may arise as an opportunity to grow! 

Make sure you place your goals somewhere you see them every day maybe even create a ‘Vision Board’ Remember as long as you are moving forward it 
doesn't matter on the pace – just get going! Investing in coaching with Inspiration to Action will most certainly help you to establish & achieve your goals. 

you've established your goals & have true self belief in achieving them you will find that life has a weird & wonderful way of arranging itself to help you get there! A positive mindset is of the essence. 

Goal Setting should be an ongoing process cycle throughout life, not just at the start of a new year, for 
continuous personal & professional development & success. If you are not already setting goals start now! As soon as you make this technique an integral part of your life you will find your personal & professional life accelerates. Ultimately you can turn your dreams, goals & visions into reality!

To round up:

  • When establishing goals make them real by writing them down
  • Engage all your senses: Taste - Touch - Smell - Hear - VISUALISE
  • Define: Who - What - Where - WHY - When
  • Remember: Conceive - Believe - Achieve!
  • Now get going!!
To really get going contact Inspiration to Action NOW to arrange your FREE initial 30 minute consultation to establish what you can do RIGHT NOW to formulate some worthwhile goals to make you feel happier & successful!