Each and every day we make choices that have an impact on every aspect of our lives. If we are wise in these decisions we can increase our overall successes and triumphs therefore living a life full of abundance and happiness.

Generally when the word health is aired we usually envisage diet and exercise and these are of course very relevant that said in order to be truly healthy it must come from within; it's all about your mind-set.

Can you answer yes to all or most of the following questions in each segment:

Personal Development:

  • Are you aware of the 'power within' each and every one of us? 
  • At the end of most days do you reflect and ask what have I done today to make me feel proud?
  • Do you surround yourself in positive things - people - media consistently? 
  • Always be mindful that you are a product of your environment! Have you written down your life goals and dreams and have clear cut plans how to achieve these goals? Life without goals is like a football match without goalposts! Every sport in the world has a goal, target, finish line or boundary. After all no goal = no game!
  • Do you know your life meaning/purpose? Having a sense of direction, a sense of purpose gives you something to aim towards and progress
  • Do you read at least 5 pages of a personal development book or listen to personal development CDs regularly?
  • Do you learn at least 3 new things every day?
  • Relationships: do you respect and appreciate every one's individuality? Variety is the spice of life! 
  • Do you possess all or some of the following qualities: Drive - Determination – Proactive-ness - Self Motivation - Passion - Enthusiasm - Self Belief - Persistence?

Exercise/Well Being: 
  • Do you walk or cycle instead of driving when possible? Whilst out in the lovely fresh air breathe it in deeply and count your blessings! Deep breathing can help you re-centre and focus
  • Do you ever take a step back, breath and appreciate nature, your surroundings? The best things in life are free! Most of all appreciate what you've achieved so far and even more so what you've got to look forward to: Your Goals and Aspirations!
  • Do you regularly Relax and Rejuvenate? Treat yourself to a holistic treatment such as Reflexology or Indian Head Massage. Holistic treatments such as these can really re-balance and in turn promote relaxation, natural healing and increase energy levels!

Diet: 'You are what you Eat'
  • Do you consume 5 portions of fruit/veg daily?
  • Are you aware of your R.D.A.s of salt, sugar etc? 
  • Do you drink at least 2 litres of water daily? 
    If you are dehydrated it affects your concentration levels, ability to focus and ultimately your general well being
  • Are you continually conscious of everything that passes your lips? 
    You truly 'are what you eat eat' so when you eat bad you feel bad! If you eat unhealthily consistently overtime this will have a compound effect wearing you down, having a negative effect on your overall health and well being so start NOW and change forever the benefits are amazing!
              • Habit - whats you 'habitude'?
  • Are you a non-smoker or have a clear cut plan to stop?
  • Do you keep your alcohol intake within recommended levels?
  • Is your weight normal for your height? Your BMI
  • Do you have the appropriate work/life balance?

Stress: This can lead to illness if not properly recognised and addressed...
  • Is your job relatively stress free?
  • Can you switch off, fall asleep easily and sleep through solidly for 7-9 hours?
  • Are you in control of your finances and if necessary budget each month? Money worries can be one of the main instigators of stress
  • Do you get moving for at least 20 minutes at least 3 times a week? Exercise is the king of all stress reducers!!

Hopefully you could answer a resounding 'YES'! to majority of the above questions. If there where some that you could not answer yes to but long to able to then...

Visualisation techniques are key - literally by seeing yourself in you minds eye in a better place or much improved situation and truly believing it in every way shape and form internally and externally you CAN get there and this will in turn lead to freeing yourself of your limiting beliefs. Also verbalise it say it to yourself and tell family and friends your goals and aspirations!

In fact visualisation techniques have been used for thousands of years for both physical and emotional healing. By conjuring up positive pictures, visualisation can change emotions that subsequently have a positive effect on your mind - body - spirit - emotions.

The bottom line:
Quite literally you have got to believe it before you see it rather than the old adage 'see it before you believe it'

So go forth and be wise in all of your choices. Follow your dreams:
Health, Wealth and Happiness to you!