Homeostasis in basic terms means physiological balance and optimal equilibrium

Optimal internal balance for average human is said to be:

  • Body temperature: 37 ˚C
  • Blood pH: 7.4
  • Regulated heart rate: 70 beats/min
  • Normal blood pressure: 120/80 (systole/diastole)

We've got to 'Begin Within' If we aren't balanced on the inside this will have a direct impact - we wont be balanced and at our best on the outside!
We as humans must consume the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of nutrients to maintain these bodily standards, as illustrated here in the classic Food Pyramid:


Other than the food and drink we consume how else can we contribute towards our homeostasis to be consistently balanced and ultimately ‘tip-top’?


  • Getting moving: e.g. 20 minute walk 3+ times a week
  • Sleeping on average 8 hours per night
  • Having FUN :)
  • Spending time with people we care about
  • Deep breathing techniques, just one of the benefits being improved metabolism
  • Quitting bad habits: smoking, excess alcohol etc
  • Adding value to our daily routine by investing in our health and personal development
  • Getting the Work - Rest - Play balance
  • So much more...

Being Balanced = Being your Best!