Work/Life Balance is incredibly important & should a fundamental factor that everyone should have an awareness & appreciation of. Essentially it is a concept all about the balance between work & lifestyle…

Work, in this context, can be defined as your vocation, career, business, ambition, professional development. At Inspiration to Action we believe that your work should ultimately be finding something you really enjoy & make a comfortable living from it.

Life, in this context, can be defined as family, friends, health, play, personal development, meditation, me time. Inspiration to Action believes that by investing in your lifestyle you will be happy & consistently be your best mentally, physically & emotionally.

In both work & life it is essential that you invest in yourself by considering your mind, body, spirit & emotions in every way, everyday.

In your work 
ensure that your mind is locked in, engaged & excited by what you do. If you are quite sedentary in your role, move your body! Get up & move around every hour. Spiritually in your work – is it really your true calling? Are you making a difference? Even by sharing positivity through your attitude in the workplace can make a difference & make yours & your colleagues work day better & brighter! Finally emotionally at work do you know how to effectively handle your emotions so you can deal with frustrating situations or people & perform your best?

In your life 
out of work a positive mindset is still imperative. Do you look forward to getting home not just to relax but to enjoy the people & environment around you? Do you expand & inspire your mind with positive books, articles, audio etc? Do you get active at least 3 times a week, consume 2 litres of water daily & consume a nice healthy diet – ‘You are what you Eat’! Spiritually do you feel connected? Do you listen to your intuition enough? A great way to do so is to have some ‘me time’ utilising deep breathing exercises, meditation or holistic therapies such as Reflexology for example. Feeling connected to yourself means you can truly ‘Be’. Are emotionally intelligent? It’s great to have high IQ but do you have high EQ? Research increasingly supports that if we are fully aware of our emotions & handle them effectively we will succeed in the achievement of personal & professional goals.

To sum up ‘Work Hard – Play Hard’ springs to mind, yet again it is of the essence to achieve perfect balance in work & play. At times in work or life things may seem unmanageable or out of our control & this can cause stress. A great way to counteract stress is to take a step back, centre yourself, breath, relax & rejuvenate. Establishing & breaking down the source of stress & seeing it for what it really is the best way to fully release & liberate the true you.

A good, happy, healthy life is all about balance - we all have the same 24 hours in one day. Some (ideally most) days can be mega productive & some should be very chilled - like a nice relaxing Sunday or your day/s off  - taking time out is just as important to achieve your goals as it is to work towards them! 

We all have the same 24 hours each & everyday - from a holistic viewpoint the could be divided into 3 main sections:

     8 hours work, establish & achieve your goals 
     8 hours rest, relaxation, reflection - majority (if not all) of this will be sleeping!
     8 hours play, FUN, exercise, connection with friends & family

By utilising Inspiration to Actions
 Work/Life Balance coaching services you can fully establish optimal mind, body, spirit & emotional equilibrium & achieve your perfect Work/Life Balance. Contact us TODAY for your FREE initial consultation

Work/Life Balance = The key to a happy & successful life.